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Storm Chasing team from the upper Midwest

Now that the storm season is going to be coming to an end, I will be updating the website with much more content.  Has been a great season of storm chasing dispite the historically low number of tornadoes nationwide.  I personally traveled through10 states this year for storm chasing capturing some great storms.  I have also learned a lot this season in the way of navigating, seeing what it takes to get tornadoes, and what it takes to be able to rough it while storm chasing.  I am looking forward to sharing my moments with everyone and will be trying to focus on the website for a while now.  As a side note I also got to see some of my footage on the Weather Channel and that was really cool!  (Bill Kranski)

2018 Chase Season

Chasing Season is Here

For all those that live in the Midwest and the plains all know that the months of April through August can really fire up big storms in the region. We are going to be chasing these storms providing you with Photos, Videos, 360 videos, and time lapses. We may even have some live feeds going. Starting May 19th, Steven and Bill have off for two weeks and will be roaming the plains to chase storms. Look for our Twisted Expectations Magnets on our vehicles and say Hi. We always love talking about storms and what our thoughts are.

Video by: Bill Kranski

We are a group of chasers from the upper Midwest that love to chase and document storms.


Injuries from chasing 2018


Tornado Warned storms 2018




Dewpoint Wanted

Viewers Remarks

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