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Welcome to 2019 folks, I have been hard at work covering winter storms, flooding and the regular full time job.  Now we are fast approaching the 2019 severe season.  We have a week plus in May planned out for our group (most of them) to chase storms where ever they may be(hopefully across the plains).  I will be spending an additional week out chasing as I have planned for 2 weeks of chasing with my vacation (chasecation).  2018 brought quite a bit of severe weather for all of us with some pretty huge busts as well.  Kansas for four of our members, and then New Mexico, though they did get to see a great LP supercell.  The 2018 season included 16 tornadoes plus seen by our chasers.  We also met some new friends, Tom T, Brian N, Scott S, Tim V, Joe S, just to name a few.  We also have joined forces with SVL and we are learning that side of chasing.  They have been a great help to get our footage out there.   We can’t wait to get back out there and chase for our passions.  Stay safe everyone and enjoy everything that is to come.

2019 Chase Season

Chasing Season is almost done

This years chase season started off great for our members that went on a chasecation. we saw some very beautiful tornadoes, and we all stayed safe. At the end of the chasecation we even had a member go live on the weather channel with a tornado on the ground in Iowa City, IA. We had an amazing tornado in Nebraska this year where Jake and Bill had an amazing view along with Corey also getting some great footage. This day featured 4 tornadoes in one day. Since the chasecation, things have really slowed down, our region that we chase has been very slow or not working out with work schedules. Steven and Bill saw a tornado in Southern MN but it was just a brief spin up. Other then that mainly a few funnels and some nice storms. We are now nearing the end of the tornado season, may be a few more chances, but for all intensive purposes, we are at the end of the main season. I have also been slacking a bit on the website, but I am going to try and get it caught up, so please bear with me. Hope everyone enjoys the site and don't forget to follow us on our social media pages. Bill

William Kranski’s Live Stream
Corey Bull’s Live Stream
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We are a group of chasers from the upper Midwest that love to chase and document storms.


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