June 28th, 2017

Dyersville, IA

This was a “what could have been day”.  I coordinated with Jake Stehli on this chase to target Eastern Iowa.  A state that had been good to us already.  We started in Dyersville, Iowa.  We were waiting for the cap to break and we saw saw a nice CU field forming on Satellite imagery.  So as the storms forms we watched them and we decided to chase one group of cells, but we never got in front of them…as we were getting back into Dubuque, IA I was trying to flag Jake down and let him know that there was some big storms starting to line up to our west southwest, I was unsuccessful, we kept chasing the other storms back through Northern Illinois forest and hills to almost Rockford.  We saw some nice features and saw a beaver tail and potential Funnel.  As I got into Rockford the Sirens were blaring for a HP Supercell that ended up putting down a tornado at or near dark.  During the chase I was watching the radar back to the west as well and them storms went tornado warned as well.  After review, they put down a couple tornadoes very close (30 miles or so) from where we started.  So essentially we chose the wrong storm…I saw some of the pictures of that storm and it put down a nice photogenic tube tornado.  So what we learned that day was pick the right storm.  Our storm did ultimately put down a tornado, but it would have been rain wrapped and very dark.  Still a fun chase day. 

Bill Kranski

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