April 22nd, 2019 Andrew, IA

Chase Highlights

Monday April 22, 2019 set up wasn’t perfect. Marginal day (2% tor) with limiting moisture and a decent cap at 700mb. I had all day to chase so I thought why not head out. Originally I had planned to run up north to central Wisconsin with Bill and Jake and tag along with their chase, but eventually I ruled that out due to work the night of. So I changed plans and decided to go west to chase near initiation in eastern Iowa. On my way west I intercepted a severe storm just west of Platteville, WI but it would quickly die as soon as I arrived due to a more powerful dominant storm to the south just down highway 151. Immediately I jumped south to intercept the severe dominant supercell of the area. Making good timing, I was able to park and watch the storm roll in from the west and get a good timelapse. This supercell wasn’t the craziest, rotation was broad and slow but a supercell nonetheless. East and north I would step chase this storm east until eventually it would hit the river crossing to IL which ended the chase of that particular storm for me. Heading north I intercepted a dying high based supercell with beautiful contrast and a nice sculpted base. Had a good spot on that storm as well and was able to get another timelapse. All videos will be linked below. Overall I had a great chase for a marginal setup. I wasn’t expecting tornadoes but chased for structure and I got exactly that. (Corey)