About Us

We are a group of Storm chaser who met in 2017 and decided to team up in 2018 and form a storm chasing team.  We will be showing pictures from current storms and past storms.  We may even dabble in live streaming for those that want to watch us we roam the countrysides of the midwest and the plains.

Our goal is to chase as many good storms as possible and take stunning photo’s, videos, and time lapses. We all have enjoyed storms for a long time and look forward to the storm chasing season each year.  Each year learning more from the previous seasons.

Our Mission is to chase storms. We all love to take pictures, videos, and time lapses. During our chases we will document and share with you some of natures spectacular work. Our goal is to also give people as much warning when severe storms strike.

Any extra lead time could lead to lives saved. Severe storms can be very dangerous if people do not stay weather aware and we would like to help get info out as soon as possible. We also like to join other chasers and help teach and even learn with other chasers to become more informed and pass knowledge on.