Steven Solie

Storm Chaser, Photographer, Live Streamer, Nature lover, Adventurer, Student, Co-Founder

My name is Steven Solie. I am a storm chaser based out of Minnesota and have been chasing for about 5 years. I usually chase in the northern plains but occasionally make it further south. Outside of storm chasing I love anything to do with nature and photography. I am currently going to school for meteorology.

William Kranski

Storm Chaser, Photographer, Live Streamer, Web Designer, Co-Founder

I am a storm chaser and nature photographer based out of Holmen, WI. I have been very interested in weather ever since I can remember. I was one of them kids running back and forth during any kind of weather event giving my mom updates as to what is going on outside. As I got older, I got braver and would go outside to view all of the action. I remember the first time I ever heard a tornado siren, I go to look rather then take shelter, that is when I really knew I had a passion for it. I pretty much love anything nature does; storms, animals, cool clouds, auroras (northern lights), and pretty much anything beautiful to take a picture of. This site is dedicated to that, showing others what is out there and the beauty it can present. I have also really gotten active with live streaming and I stream via Twitch, so please click the twitch icon to visit my channel.

Corey Bull

Storm Chaser, Photographer, Live Streamer

My name is Corey Bull. I am from northern IL and I have lived here in the midwest my entire life. Ever since I was just a little guy, I have always had a strong passion for thunderstorms, whether they be severe or not. The first time I heard the sirens in my hometown of Rockford, IL, May 22, 2011, was the day I realized it was more than just an interest. It was rather an extreme passion. Something inside of me refused to take cover. I wanted to be there in the action, my adrenaline was in full force. I have grown to learn more and more each day about these beautiful storms and have dedicated all of my time to that. I’ve sat on top of my barn for countless days just living in the moment because I treat each storm differently and they each feel so special to me no matter the severity or their lifespan. It’s a train that will not stop chugging along until the day a storm kills me or I die of old age.

Jake Stehli

Contributer, Photographer, Aurora Specialist, Videographer

My Name is Jake Stehli, I have been chasing storms for many years.  I am based out of Fountain City, MN.  I will provide more information soon.

Chris Tipton

Storm Chaser, Photographer, EMT

My Name is Chris Tiption, I will provide more info Soon

Jayce Simmons

Storm Chaser, Photographer

My name is Jayce Simmons, I am based out of Ft Scott, KS.  I will provide more information soon.