May 15th, 2017

Postville, IA

May 15th, 2017

This was a nice close chase for me, I also met up with Jake Stehli on this trip.  It started off as a not much expectations for this day, there were some ingredients, but wasn’t expecting anything big.  Started out in Postville, IA, we were going to move a bit south but decided to stay closer to Postville for better viewing areas just NW of town.  Wasn’t long after that, that the storm went tornado warned.  So we actually went a bit north of town since it looked like rotation was buried in the rain and we didn’t want to get pummeled by hail.  So just north of town we ran into a some great structure, probably my best all season.  Very intense storm that way out performed what I was expecting.  This storm put down an EF0 tornado, 1 mile long west of  Calmar, IA

Bill Kranski

Storm Report

Holmen, WI Lightning