May 27th, 2017

Miami, OK

Today was a potential for a really big day.  I took my son on this chase as well, by far the longest chase for either of us.  The cape was foretasted to be 3000-4000+ and there was a lot of shear.  The one thing I was worried about was lack of cin (cap) to prevent too many storms from forming.  SPC actually was discussing large long track tornadoes that day.  My initial target was going to be somewhere around Kansas City, MO, but the storms initiated to quickly there for me to get to them.  That one put down baseball and softball size hail when we were filling up gas.  We had no chance to get to the front of that storm, so we decided to push south.  We were looking for the warm front, as what was left behind after all then baseballs and softballs came raining down was to cold to produce anything worthwhile.  So we trucked down all the way from Kansas City to the NE corner of Oklahoma.  Miami, OK was where we finally found the warm sector.  We met another fellow chaser, Jayce Simons on this day in Miami.  I looked at the models and the meso pages and decided this is probably a good starting point, we needed the warm moist air and we found it.  With the warm front being so close anything that did develop would have a good chance at going tornadic if it could stay away from other storms.  We decided to go just outside of town and find a spot to park and watch for development as the clouds were really starting to get active now.  From our spot we managed to watch a blip on the radar to go tornado warned in like 10-15 minutes so you know there was a lot of energy that day.  We watched this cell for a while and then ended up chasing it, but it was becoming clear that storms were going to fire to quickly and interact with each other.  The radar screen was lit up with storm after storm as we continued our chase across NE Oklahoma, there were some with rotation, but was very clear that the storms were to close together which prevented them from going tornadic.  We did get a very nice lightning show after dark though.  This ended up being a very long trip and met some great spotters down in Oklahoma.  Fun Trip.  Bill Kranski

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