July 6th, 2017

Arkdale, WI

Today was going to be a thunderstorm day for sure, just a matter of what kind.  There was potential for tornadoes this day.  Today is also a day that will help form this webpage and storm chasing team as it was the first time we all chased together.  At the time we didn’t know we were going to form a team, but we all enjoyed chasing together.  We started in Tomah, WI and watched some cells pop up east of us.  So we decided to go chase them,  We ended up in Friendship WI watching billowing clouds, but nothing to major at this point yet.  We ended up going back to Necedah, WI and wtached a cell that would go Supercell and form a nice wall cloud with apparent funnels. I do not think there was any tornadoes with this storm cell but we got some really nice footage of a Wisconsin  supercell not to far from my home.  Also got to form some friendships that is now Twisted Expectaitions storm chasing Team. 

Bill Kranski

Storm Reports