May 21st, 2018

Limon, CO

Tracking of the Chase

Limon, Co chase was a very exciting one, got to learn how the mountain setups work.  Was in a really good area for tornadic conditions, but this cell went south east instead of north east, so I had to catch up to it.  was watching little lp cells during the early afternoon and then seen this on radar and quickly got on the road to chase.  as I was headed east on Hwy 86, I was watching this cell which really looked very low contrast and was hard to see anything.  Then when I pulled over on a side street, I seen what I thought was a gustnado, but after review and confirmation from other spotters, it was an actual tornado.  This was my first tornado of 2018 chase season.  Afterwards I got a meet a nice group of chasers-students from Virginia Tech and also Brian Noble who reside out in Colorado.  Was a fun chase day.