May 23rd, 2018

Pine Ridge, SD

Pine Ridge, SD Tracking

Today was a very exciting day.  I started off by visiting the Badlands(very Beautiful) and then I started chasing once things started to get going.  I started on a beautiful storm near Oelrichs, SD and got some nice footage of that, as that weakened I I was pushing north and seen a cell start to form east southeast of me, so I kicked east in hopes of getting in front of it.  I passed through some rough terrain areas where it was hard to watch the cell and ended up on a tornado warned cell in Pine Ridge, SD.  Was really neat there and I ended up live streaming this even and was the first time in 2018 hearing tornado sirens(what a thrill).  The funny thing was is that the residents even with all this stuff going on really didn’t pay to much attention to the massive cell headed there way.  Was also the first time I got to see the Dominator in person.