May 24th, 2018

Sioux Falls, SD

Today I chased with Steven and another group of guys from the east coast, Tim Vogel and Scott Sheppard, which I had met after the Pine Ridge storm.  Great guys.  Was a very low tornado risk day though we did end up on a severe warned storm.  and was basically only chasing today because it was on the way home, I knew I could make that push after chasing that days storms.  As a treat for us chasing that day, we got an amazing sunset at the end of the day, which I wish I would have time lapsed.  Later that night after being on the road for the last 6 days and sleeping in an uncomfortable vehicle, was great to sleep in my own bed.  After 6 days the tornado count was at 1 officially, maybe a 2nd one the day before after reviewing footage. but nothing confirmed.  So was a little bit bummed out by the tornado count, but I had some more time off still so was just a matter of being paitent.