June 1st, 2018

Hebron, ND

Hebron Tracks
Hebron Soundings for 6-1-18

Hebron, ND!  This day started the night before as we departed Holmen at after 9om and drove through the night, then maybe got an hour nap in.  What this day brought after that was well worth it.  This day for me will probably be the most tornadoes I ever see in one day.  Steven and I saw 8 tornadoes this day and we also had Jake with but he ended looking for his cell phone while shooting some 360 footage.  The only way I can describe this day would be is odd.  We ended up getting cut off of the east side of the storms and on this day it actually paid off (Thanks Jake).  We were about to get hail cored so we stayed on the backside of the storms thanks to great input from Jake Stehli, and what we were to see after that was amazing, we had rotation right over our heads, we had a tornado drop maybe 100 or so yards from us, we say 2-3 tornadoes on the ground at a time.  All of this in an area that was really rough for chasing.  Lots of hills and not great service for cell phones.   That morning I had a pretty good feeling that we were going to have a good day as winds were about 25-35mph from the SE all morning, all we needed was the energy which we got by late afternoon.  and then the show started.  Only thing I wish I would have done differently, would have been taken a further east road and we could have maybe had better views, But I was worried about running right into the teeth of the storms.  This resulted in very few good pictures of the tornadoes as they were mostly short lived quick spin ups.  But what an exciting day.  We were extremely exhausted and decided to get a hotel so we could get a good night sleep.  Long drive home the next day.