April 17th, 2019 Manchester, IA

Original Start prediction
Actual Chase Map

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Here was the set-up for the day

April 17th, 2019.  This set-up was a very conditional set-up.  We decided to chase to see what we could get since it was not to far of a chase, I know the SPC put out a 5% risk, though I personally thought it would be a 2% because there was going to have to be a lot of things that needed to come together for this to happen.  But what we did see was a very nice Super-cell that was able to put out a very nice wall cloud that kept cycling (getting stronger and weaker)  We managed to get on this cell during it’s prime and we got a very nice show.  Early season set-ups can be very tricky and this one was for sure tricky.  There was a lot of shear in place for the storms, the low was in a good location although a tad weak (right around 998mb) and there was a questionable amount of dew points (around 55-59 degrees).  We started off the chase by trying to visit a friend Tom Thornton in Clarion, IA (though he was not home, out chasing)  As the storms moved in, we decided to play with storms just south of Clarion, IA and that didn’t take long to figure out they were not going to be very good.  So Corey, Steven and Bill decided to chase something close to the Waterloo Area, we had to do a core punch though a couple of strong storms and once we got on the south end of the storms we managed to get a good view.   This storm was shaping up real nice.  As we continued east the storm continued to get stronger.  As we were following it we actually drive under the lower(not recommended)though I was watching the clouds really close for rotation.  We managed to let it keep going and we got a great close up view as it tried and tried to gets something to go, we saw several funnels, both cyclonic and anti-cyclonic.  We then continued east of Manchester Iowa where we got a really nice wall cloud structure.  After that we tried to keep up with it, but the eastern part of Iowa is a tough place to travel.  Rough roads (almost hit a couple pigs) and then roads that would not cooperate with where we wanted to go.  In the end it was a very successful chase, especially for an early season set-up.  (Bill)

Manchester, IA ax53 camcorder (Bill Kranski)

DashCam footage (Bill Kranski)

Manchester, IA Gopro footage (Corey Bull)