May 16th, 2019 Lewiston, MN - Nebraska

Here is the setup for that day

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Lewiston, MN

Ellsworth, NE

Today was Primarly a travel day, a begginning of a long time away from home during my 2019 chasecation.  To start my chasecation, I ran into a beautiful storm not 30 minutes or so from my home on the way.  In Lewiston, MN got a few great shots of a shelf cloud moving thoug.  To me this was a great way to start potentially over a week in the plains chasing storms while living in my vehicle.  That evening there was a very small chance at an isolated tornado. the drive was long to get there, over 12 hours, but got some great shots on my firsy day out.  This was primarly to set up for the folloing day anyways.  On my way got to see some great plains terrain and sand hills of Nebraska in the proccess.  Beautiful start to the trip I might say. (Bill)

Ellsworth, NE