May 20th, 2019 Blair, OK

Catagorical Outlook
Tornado Outlook
Wind Outlook
Hail Outlook

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This day was set-up to be a potentially very dangerous day of chasing here.  This was a high risk day all across the board, and when the watch came out it was greater then 95% all across the board as well, never seen that myself let alone chased a day like today.  This day was extremely humid and we got to chase with the whole team.  Even Jayce and Chris made it out today, was great seeing them.  We managed to get a team Photo in before we got chasing as well.  After that we started chasing cells and chased one a little to far north past the warm front and had to get back south to get ready for the next cell.  We just barely made it back in time to see the Magnum tornado from the east side and it was very poor viewing conditions, however was able to stream my first tornado this day.  These cells actually became more wind producers early on which probably saved many lives this day as there could have been big long tracked tornadoes this day if everything lined up perfectly.  (Bill)

Magnum, OK Bill Kranski