April 17th, 2019 Manchester, IA

Catagorical Outlook
Tornadic Outlook

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May 16th, 2020.  This was a long travel day for a marginal set-up.  I put on 890 miles to get to sw Iowa this day, my target was just west of Mt Ayr, IA.  This was only a 2% day and was marginal for severe weather.  But as slow as our severe season has been and knowing that I have 2 weeks off at this point, I decided to see if Iowa was going to put out some Iowa Magic!  The day started a little slow but as the evening got closer things started to look a little better and go onto a cell, but after getting on some backroads trying to keep up with these slow movers, I decided to head back to close to where I started on a couple decent cells, it was the right decision as we got to see a few funnels on a marginal day.  It did not drop down, but there was some decent structure on this cell considering it didn’t have a lot to work with.  I will take it for being a low risk day.  Bill

Manchester, IA Gopro footage (Corey Bull)