May 20th, 2020 New Castle, WY

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Cell Phone Pictures

This chase was going to be potentially the start of my chasecation.  Was planning on 4 days out on the plains, but then I seen the models and decided just to do a one and done.  This proved to be a mistake as the next day in Kansas was pretty beautiful from the pictures I had seen.  This chase however I got to see a lot of neat things, some in passing by them some stopping for them.  As you can see i saw Devils tower, that place was pretty cool.  Then after that went into chase mode.  I managed to get on a severe warned storm before it got to new Castle Wyoming, what a beautiful state by the way.  During this chase much of it was visual chasing as data in the back country is spotty at best.  Was going to live stream, but that would not have worked out there.  So I got to experience some beautiful storm basically all by myself out in the middle of nowhere.  Was a great time.  Would love to chase this area some more.



New Castle, WY Bill Kranski